Individual therapy is offered for adults and children (over age 3); parent/child and family sessions are also available.


You and I will work together to determine what makes the most sense for you or your child/family. Take a look below to learn more about what these services address and how our time together might be spent. 


Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) is a holistic approach to addressing childhood trauma that is attachment focused. It empowers caregivers and parents to meet the complex needs of children with behavioral and emotional issues related to trauma.  


The attachment relationship between a child and primary caregiver sets the foundation for many areas of functioning including social and emotional development and relationships. 


Theraplay®-informed interventions are used to strengthen parent/child relationships. Play-based activities create positive experiences to enhance attachment, build self-esteem and increase trust and bonding. 


Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy (EMDR) is an evidence-based way to address trauma. EMDR seems to help the brain and body do what they know how to do to get memories and information related to traumatic experiences sorted and unstuck.

Learn more about EMDR here


When disturbing, difficult or scary things happen, they can appear to be stuck in your brain or body and can cause distress. If you have experienced a single incident of trauma or ongoing exposure to difficult things, therapeutic support can help to explore these issues and work to resolve them.


 Play-based interventions can help with a wide variety of issues within the therapeutic space. Play allows children to bring in anything that is bothering them and play disarms fear and creates safety. It is used not only in individual therapy with children, but also in family or parent/child interventions. 

Life Stressors

Life is challenging, but everyday struggles don't have to be faced alone. Therapeutic support can help to manage anxiety, cope with difficult feelings and create a safe place for processing and exploring tough issues.


Adoption and Foster Care Issues

Whether a child has been adopted for several years, is new to the family or is returning home to you after time in foster care, unique challenges often accompany these family changes. Sometimes individual family members will need their own support, caregivers might need different tools for parenting or the entire family may benefit from working together in therapy to explore new dynamics.